Udemy Blues Guitar Lessons for Intermediate and Advanced players

The course requires you have the basics as I will teach intermediate and advanced ways to play rhythm guitar as well as ways to solo (up and down the neck) like a pro with a variety of backing tracks.
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SoundMajorz Vybe Vault Kit

soundMajorz | vybe Vault Kit (CRAZY!!!) 222 Wav Files
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Ilya Efimov Rock Bass

Ilya Efimov Rock Bass is a unique addition to the line of our bass libraries. It captures the sound of a hi-end Sadowsky NYC 5 string bass played with a pick (plectrum). Not to mention that Sadowsky company itself is a respected bass guitars manufacturer, moreover the particular instrument used for sampling had strong low-end punch accompanying with great tightness. Due to such distinct and balanced tone many famous rock and pop musicians made they choice in favor Sadowsky instruments. We know that some our customers have been longing for such kind of sampled bass.
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Digital Plugs Chaos Delta (Omnisphere Bank)

Chaos – Delta (Omnisphere Bank) 50 Omnisphere presets created by Chaos
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Based Gutta Flair XP ElectraX Bank

76 custom presets for ElectraX and Electra2 designed by Based Gutta. Must have ElectraX V1.2 or higher. Also compatable with Electra2
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Angelicvibes SEASONS Loop Pack

60+ WAV Loops In Total250MB In Size Chill & Vibey
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AngelicVibes NEO VST

Nine high quality effects coming together in a single plugin. Allow Neo to help you shape and transform your sound and inspire new ideas. Bring your ideas to life with one plugin
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AngelicVibes Elite Pianist

AngelicVibes has released Elite Pianist, a virtual instrument catered towards Piano instruments. It is a simple plugin with a user-friendly interface. It contains live recorded piano samples designed for music producers, beatmakers and composers.
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AngelicVibes Moonlight

If you’re looking for new and inspiring sounds for Omnisphere then Moonlight is for you. It comes with some of the most soothing bells, keys and luscious pads. Inspired by the sounds of Juice Wrld, Weeknd, Drake, and more, Moonlight contains the perfect set of presets for any modern-day producer.
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