Singomakers Festival Bass

The Present time is an era of Bass music domination, regardless of whether it is a House, Trap or anything else. Even big crowd Festivals are now dominated by Bass, that’s why appeared so many fusions between commercial sides of music mixed up with ultrasonic Bass influence.
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Busy Works Beats Wavy Guitars

OVER 25 GUITAR LOOPSWe’ve created genre-specific guitar loops for you. You can use these for R&B, hip hop and trap. CREATE INSTANT VIBES
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Udemy Artificial Intelligence Music Creation and Remixing 2020

Giant Tech firms have developed AI software that can compose music on its own. So, the machines will be composing soundtracks using Artificial Intelligence. This game-changing course introduces you to new-age technologies in Artificial Intelligence music creation to help you become a music star in no time with the power of automagical music-making tools.
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Loopmasters Proxima Dark and Heavy Dubstep

'Proxima: Dark & Heavy Dubstep' from Loopmasters is a late night collection of brooding and twisted sounds that will have you equipped for the deep Dubstep resurgence. Prepare to deal maximum dancefloor damage with this 100% Royalty-Free selection of sub-heavy delights, produced by industry heavyweight Proxima.
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Audentity Records Sax House

Inspired by Klingande, Bakermat and Faul & Wad Ad.... we are ultra proud to present Sax House....bringing you the best beach vibes, sun soaked melodies drenched in luscious sax!!!
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Cymatics The Ultimate MIDI Collection

The Ultimate MIDI Collection Includes: PART 1 - Emerald - Hip Hop MIDI Pack
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Lynda Learning Cubase Pro 10 Essential Training Advanced

Learn the advanced features and workflows in Cubase Pro 10 for recording, performing, mixing, and producing music of all kinds. In this course, instructor Mark Struthers reviews next-level techniques such as leveraging advanced MIDI editing and recording options, creating VSTi tracks, applying insert and send effects, and metering and monitoring your tracks. Each lesson is based around a single course project: the rebuild of an original audio-book mix Mark made in Cubase 5.1, way back in 2001. The rebuild corrects the sibilance of the narration with de-essing, enhances the clarity of the instruments, incorporates new audio effects, and includes more realistic instrument samples. The final project is a test of your new skills and a testament to the enhanced power of Cubase 10.
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ProducerSources Soundship VST

TRAVEL IN SOUND ! Soundship gives you an immensly powerful range of new instruments to keep your innovation flowing. Take a trip in sound to another dimension, own the future of music and impress your listeners
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TAQS.IM Kontakt Pro Lead Sounds

Add a killer collection of lead synths, keys, stringed instruments and wind instruments to your Kontakt sound collection with the TAQS.IM Kontakt Pro Lead Sound sample library. Sourced from musicians around the world, this Kontakt-driven virtual instrument includes lead sounds typically used in live situations by keyboard players across the middle east. Synths, Accordions, Violins, Guitars, Clarinets, Saxes and more that have no problem cutting through a mix. This library includes over 1.5GB of exclusive content. Whether you need a Balkan style synth lead, an Anatolian wind instrument or Mediterranean Accordion TAQS.IM Kontakt Pro Leads has it covered.
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TAQS.IM Kontakt Pro Library

Our premier Kontakt Library of Arabic, Armenian, Balkan, Greek, Persian & Turkish sounds TAQSIM PRO is a fully-playable NI Kontakt Middle Eastern instrument featuring over 2.0 GBs of sounds and select musical instruments and synth sounds used by keyboard players in both live and studio settings for Arabic, Armenian, Balkan, Greek, Persian and Turkish music. It features the ability to alter the scales of the instrument and comes pre-programmed with popular Middle Eastern Scales. It also provides the ability to easily bypass the built-in effects for you to use your favorite effects.
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Zenhiser Spirals

A Unique Sample Library Of Ancient Instruments Combined With Today’s Electronic Sound Spirals is a auditory exploration of traditional ethnic sounds fused with today’s electronica movement. Together this unbelievable fusion captures a vast range of unique possibilities that will add exciting new grooves and rhythms into your contemporary tracks. A deluge of aural options including fully fledged Song Starers, Full Mix Loops, One Shots, FX, Midi and Drum Sounds delivers a multitude of options to inject new life into your current musical creations.
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LBandyMusic Dubai Shit Luxury Trap

We are proud to present you 'Dubai Shit', a one of a kind Trap and Hip Hop kit pushing creativity to the extreme with previously unheard sounds and innovative drum and melody variations.
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Mondo Loops Lofi Guitar Magic Compilation

Sample Pack of guitar loops, piano keys, melodies and Guitar 1 Shot chords! (Lofi hip hop/ Chillhop / Jazzhop Vibes) Focusing on guitar and piano loops with a jazzy / lofi hip hop vibe. Extended Version contains. All royalty free.
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Toontrack Death Metal EZX

In the mid-to-late ’80s, death metal was a peripheral genre of underground bands. Then, by the early 1990s, acts like Death, Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse and a handful other US bands predominantly from the Florida and East Coast areas started gaining traction. At the same time on the opposite continent in the UK, the likes of Carcass, Benediction and Napalm Death advanced with their own breed of death. On the other shore of the North Sea, in Scandinavia, bands such as Entombed, Therion and At the Gates all added their own blend to the mix. By then, the rest of the world had caught on and death metal as a phenomenon was a fact. Ever since, trends in heavy music have come and gone, but death metal has stayed its course and stood its ground. Arguably no genre has evolved in a more organic way, with a constantly rejuvenating fanbase and steady increment of bands. Today, although fragmented and more of an umbrella to a host of sub-genres, death metal has never been more alive.
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