Sampleson Melox Pro

Melodica never was taken seriously until today. You won't find a professionally sampled one out there. This is why we made the first Studio-Grade Melodica. Adding a layer of scripting we recreated the expressiveness of a real instrument, including release velocities, noises, key clicks, air sound, and mechanics. Also we made it Binaural for increasing realism. Listen to the demos to see what's Melox Pro is able to do.
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OST Audio Cyberpunk

Time to ravage your tracks with an exemplary Cyberpunk sound pack that takes no prisoners. Combining the best Synthwave and Cyberpunk sequences with retro gear, dirty drums, and synth-soaked rhythms has created a boundary-breaking pack.
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Groove3 Overloud TH-U Getting Killer Tones

Guitar slayer Gary Hiebner delivers a collection of comprehensive Overloud TH-U video tutorials! Learn the ins and outs of this awesome amp modeling and effects software and how to use it to create killer guitar tones and more! This series is designed for new and intermediate TH-U users.
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Big Room Sound Water - Nature

A collection of natural water sounds. Gentle lake laps and thumping waves on the beach. Water licking the sides of piers or against rocks. Waterfalls and rivers in the forest.
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The Unfinished Omnisphere Cyberia

Omnisphere Cyberia is a collection of 300 patches for Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2. It is designed to blend the electronic and organic worlds, in order to provide dynamic and dramatic, atmospheric sounds; full of grit, punch and wonder.
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Ask Video Korg Minilogue 202 Programming The Minilogue

Now that you know where all the controls are on the Korg minilogue, Matt Vanacoro shows you how to program them! Master the skills of analog sound design from the FX to sequencing in this 21-tutorial course.
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OCTVE.CO Stellar

We've put endless love into this sound kit series celebrating Trap Life's 500,000 subscriber ​milestone. With over 50+ artists involved and nearly 2 years of production time on the entire pack, we tried to create a breathtaking experience for every music enthusiast.
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Loopmasters Mark Fletcher Jazz Brushes

Loopmasters present Jazz Brushes, the latest instalment of brushed brilliance performed by industry favourite Mark Fletcher! If you’re searching from drum sounds with a stylistic and accented edge, look no further. Everything included is 100% royalty free, so you’ll be embellishing your tracks with subtle and accurate brush strokes in no time.
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