Harderclass Rebelion Masterclass 2020

Harderclass Rebelion Masterclass 2020

In this 3 hour Masterclass you will sit in the studio next to Rebelion and have them explain to you exactly how they approach music production. Gary & Raymond will show you in full details how they build Kicks from scratch, build Screeches, build their signature Drops from scratch, they will show you a finished Rebelion Kick and exactly how they made it and they will give you massive tips on how to build your artist profile as a beginning DJ/Producer. Going into how to approach social media, the right mindset to have and evolving your sound. Plus they will walk you through how they made their tracks "BASSLINE JUNKIE" and "NEVER BACK DOWN" covering important topics like sound design, filtering techniques, EQing and of course distortion.

Topics covered in this Masterclass

Making a Kick from scratch
Making Screeches from scratch with Serum
Making Screeches from scratch with Sylenth
Dissecting the Rebelion Kick
Creating the Kick Tail
Creating the Kick Punch
EQ Matching Kicks
Building a Drop from Scratch
Creating new sounds from existing sounds
Track Walkthrough of BASSLINE JUNKIE
Track Walkthrough of NEVER BACK DOWN
Marketing yourself as an artist
Discovering your own style
Mindset of an artist for success
Focusing on the right things
Social media
Evolving as an artist
Track selection in your sets
Staying innovative

Included resources in this Masterclass

Rebelion Presets
Rebelion Kicks

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