GetGood Drums GGD Studio Cabs Cali Oversized Edition

GetGood Drums GGD Studio Cabs Cali Oversized Edition

The journey to find your sonic identity as a musician and producer is one full of technical and engineering challenges. These obstacles ultimately disrupt your creative headspace and workflow.

Introducing the second in the series GGD Studio Cabs: Cali Oversized Edition. A deep dive into the legendary studio staple of our time, famed for its smooth top end, rich mid-range, and tight low-end. The perfect cab for heavily distorted guitar tones. Using a carefully curated selection of microphones and speakers we distilled all these sounds into an intuitive design, allowing you to make immediate changes in color with the freedom to mix, combine and blend tones, creating your own unique palette of sounds.

All IRs captured and engineered by Adam Getgood

A selection of six of the best Cali style cabs
Seven independent channels to craft your perfect sound
All IRs phase-coherent allowing you to combine microphones without the stress
A choice of eight microphones with blendable bright and dark sweetspots
Export your unique blend of cabs and mics to use in other software and hardware

Stop scrolling endlessly through lists of files, and focus on your creativity. Let us handle the engineering.

A witch says,

* No iLok Driver installation is required to run.

* Our release loads faster and uses less memory than legit version.

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