Producers Vault Trombon Latino RETAiL

Windows / Mac
Producers Vault Trombon Latino RETAiL

Trombon Latino VSTi is a beautiful sounding customer requested VST plugin that includes different Latin styles of playing as well as multiple articulations and velocity layers.

All these Trombones were recorded, sampled and edited in our state of the art facilities in Las Vegas, Nevada United States of America.

Recording Process: Universal Audio Preamps LA610 and NEVE 1073, Steinberg Nuendo at 384 kHz audio resolution.

Editing and Post-production:
Steinberg Nuendo, Pro Tools

Microphones used:
Shure SM7b, Shure SM57, Sennheiser MD421-II.

Presets Included:

Trombon Latino VSTi
Conjunto Salsero
Cuatro Trombones
Trombon Boricua
Trombon Caida (Falls)
Trombon Colombiano
Trombon Crescendo (Swell)
Trombon De Mexico
Trombon de New York
Trombon Del DF Sonidero
Trombon Suave Salsero

Product Features

VST Plugin easy to use, autonomous no need for KONTAKT or other software sampler.
Excellent library with multiple Velocity layers and articulations at the request of our clientele.
Simple controls of LFO Depth & Rate, Strutting, Reverb, Pan, ADSR Envelope: Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release.
Popular articulations in Latin music include: Sustain, Soft Salsa, Mexican Banda Vibrato, Crescendo Swell, Stabs and Falls.

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