Studio Tronnic Tech House Template Vol.01

Studio Tronnic Tech House Template Vol.01

“Tech House Template Vol.01” brings an amazing Fl Studio track template, 100% Royalty-Free, inspired by great Tech House artists like: Raf Parola, Latmun, Flashmob, CamelPhat, Mihalis Safras and others.
With it you can study the automation, mixing techniques, analyze the distribution of the elements and the complete structure of music, among other valuable techniques that will help you in your productions.
Besides a great source of study and analysis, it's also a great source of inspiration for your productions, using elements and ideas from the template or coming up with new ideas for other tracks.
The project includes everything exactly as you hear in the demo. For the creation of the Template, Sylenth1 was the only external plugin used, the others used are all FL Studio natives. The vocal used in the Template is exclusive.
Whether you are a beginner or advanced, this super Template will help you in many ways and for sure you will enjoy it a lot!


01 FL Studio Project
07 Sylenth1 presets
01 3X Osc Preset
18 Samples & Loops

Softwares Requirements:
FL Studio
Sylenth1 v.2.2.1

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