Synth Ctrl Retrowave Pack

Synth Ctrl Retrowave Pack

Here at Synth Ctrl we find ourselves always trying to blur the boundaries between retro and futuristic and with this collection of presets we made it possible, with this pack you will be thinking Timecop 1983 meets Miami Horror, its a blend between a dark highway and a neon skyline, with more than 125 presets going from glittering arps to thundering synth leads.
So join us on this joyride through time and space and let's take sonic tour filled with 80s nostalgia.

What's included?

More than 125 Serum Presets
38 Arps Presets
12 Bass Presets
35 Keys Presets
15 Lead Presets
16 Pad Presets
12 Pluck Presets

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