On Point Samples OPS Raging Rawstyle Vocals Vol.1

On Point Samples OPS Raging Rawstyle Vocals Vol.1

This pack features an extreme amount of variating Rawstyle Hype MC vocals. Next to the short & medium-length VOX, there are 17 full-length vocals, able to fill your whole break or 8-16 bar build-up.

Combine these vocals with our professional & instantly-useable buildups & drum loops, and your entire break is 95% finished.

Each build-up and drum loop contains individually rendered risers, snares & FX, and much more. That means this pack contains a huge amount of other useable elements, next to the Rawstyle vocals.

Contains: 656 Files / 974 MB

44 Total Hype Vocals (6 versions per vocal)
Each vocal recorded in 3 takes & 150/180 BPM Variation
Each vocal in dry & wet
10 Full Build-ups (+ stems)
10 Full Drums Loops (+ stems)
10 Vocal Loops
7 FL Mixer State Files for VOX modulation
30 Vocal One-Shots
40 MIDI's (for Builds & Vocal/Drum Loops)

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