93feetofsmoke 93MELODYKIT Vol.1

93feetofsmoke 93MELODYKIT Vol.1

This ROYALTY FREE pack is full of high quality compositions handmade with luv @ Studio93. Loops range all the way from glitchy synths to classic 93 guitar loops. Some files are fully fleshed out with bass & numerous layered harmonies - some are one track - all the way down to the singular one shot plucks from my own acoustic, electric, bass guitar, and ukulele.

Build entire songs off a loop, flip it into something entirely different, or use them on top of preexisting arrangements. Tag me in wat u make & have fun :)!!!


31 Loops

Electric Guitar
6 Plucks
25 Loops

Acoustic Guitar
6 Plucks
10 Loops

Bass Guitar
4 Plucks
11 Loops

4 Plucks
3 Loops

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