Engineering Samples Entropy

Engineering Samples Entropy

Discover a powerful collection including cutting edge Drum Loops, Basslines, Synth Loops, Sequences, One Shot Drums and FX

„Entropy“ delivers instant inspiration and brings creativity at your fingertips.

Using high-end outboard gear like our Chandler Limited Rack Mixer and various analogue Synthesizers we were able to create the highest quality possible.

Tailored to customer requirements you can choose between 3 Pack Variants to gain access to a larger toolkit of samples, MIDI, Presets and Template.

All 220 Wav files are key and tempo-labeled at 122 - 124 bpm and exist in a Dry & Wet Version and with or without Sidechain Compression.

WHAT'S INSIDE Basic Edition: ?

220 Wav Files in Total
10 Synth Loops (Wet/Dry)
20 Drum Loops (Full, Low, Stripped, Top)
20 Basslines (Sc/noSc)
20 Sequences (Dry/Wet)
20 FX
20 Drum One-Shots (Kick, Clap, Perc Hihat)
122-124 BPM

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