Kyle Beats Toxic Sunshine (With Bonuses)

Kyle Beats Toxic Sunshine (With Bonuses)

Stop making Loops that never turn into finished songs!

Toxic Sunshine was created with the arrangement in mind. This includes sections for intros, bridges, hooks, etc.

Each of these Compositions include the track stems, so you can mix, match, and arrange them in multiple different ways.

There is over 100 stems included in this kit, with 14 different patterns.


Kyle Beats Drum Kit ($20 Value)
Unreleased Melody Kit ($12 Value)
Easy Theory Midi Chord Pack ($27 Value)
FL Studio & Logic Mixing / Arrangement Templates ($40 Value)

When you buy Toxic Sunshine today you get...

14 Royalty Free Melodies
93 Fully Customizable Stems for Each Composition
Bonus Drum Kit (Unreleased)
Bonus Melody Kit (Unreleased)
Bonus Music Theory Midi Kit
Bonus FL Studio & Logic Mix Templates

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